Final Week : Create document and implement some minor UI

Hi all
1. What I did this week
I created document and implement some minor UI this week.
1.1 Document
I created document. This document contains "Overview of this application", "Quick Start" and "How to use this application. "How to use this application" contains the document of simulation, steady state analysis and parameter estimation. These documents are basically constructed with the detail sentence and image of this application. In these document, user can change it using pagination.

Fig 1.1.1 : Overview of this document

Fig 1.1.2 : Simulation document with pagination( Previous and Next)

1.2 Some minor implementation
I implemented following minor UI. These are advised by my mentor.

1) Just after pressing confirm button in error message, target form is focused on.
2) Input file with ".xml" and ".sbml" ( both upper and lower case) is acceptable.
3) If the file is not readable, the error message happens( See below Fig1.2.1)
Fig 1.2.1 : Error message when input file is not readable

4) The warning message is eliminated just now

2. Future plan
In this GSoC project, I have finished basic application of the analysis for SBML model. This application let user execute analysis REALLY easy.
In order to let user get more detail result of analysis, I will plan some tasks in this project.

1) Simulation : Phase plan
Phase plane is the graph with vertical and horizontal axis refer to each species expression. This is sometimes informative to get the insight of the dynamics for two species.
I supposed, however, this graph lose time information. Therefore, I will use animation to supplement this information in future.

2) Steady state analysis : Directed Field
Directed field has already been discussed in my blog. I will try to implement it and user can understand the dynamics in whole space of each species.

3) Overview : Prepare Download and Help page
Thank you!



Week13 : Creating Docker image , setting the form to change the upper and lower bound for kinetic parameters in parameter estimation and fixing some bugs

Week12 : Download widget was created and all javascript code to execute ajax transfer is changed based on JQuery