Week9 : Numerical table of the result from simulation and parameter estimation

Hi all

1. What I did this week
I focused on the implementation of numerical table in the result of simulation and parameter estimation.

1.1 Demo of numerical table in simulation
Fig1.1.1 : The table of simulation result is visualized. Each row refers to time and column refers to the species.

 1.2 Demo of numerical table in parameter estimation
Fig1.2.1 : The table of parameter estimation result is visualized. First column refers to the reaction ID and second column refers to the parameter ID. Third and Forth column refer to the start value of this parameter and fitted parameter respectively.

1) The implementation of the table
I finished this implementation of table. Following table shows my current progress.

Table 1 : Current implementation of visualisation UI : ○ means this is already finished and × means vice versa.
Visualization UI
Steady State Analysis
Parameter Estimation
As you can see, this table contents are really simple but basic information of these analysis. I will discuss what other contents should be added with my mentors.

2) Future implementation discussed last week meeting
We discussed following implementation is significant for user-friendly application.

1. Adding Run button
2. Setting the form to change x axis to logarithmic scale
3. Setting visualized expression of each species to same result between COASI and simulationCore
4. Grouping species, parameters and compartments in UI of changing these values
5. Pop-uping the species ID when user hovers the mouse over the plot of expression
6. Setting the form to change the tolerance in simulation

2. The task of next week

I will implement the 2) of [Discussion] firstly. Then I will design the UI of client side using CSS. I consider using bootstrap to design each object in html.

Thank you!



Final Week : Create document and implement some minor UI

Week14 : Pop-upping warning and error message

Week12 : Download widget was created and all javascript code to execute ajax transfer is changed based on JQuery